CTE Computer Lab Management Plan
  1. Be in your seat and in the process of logging in when the bell rings.

  2. Listen to and follow all directions. This includes no keyboarding or using your mouse when the teacher is talking.

  3. Property of this lab does not leave this lab.

  4. There is no eating or drinking allowed in the lab.

  5. Take good care of the computer and peripherals you are using.

  6. Anything that prevents you or anyone else, from learning is unacceptable.

  7. There will be no inappropriate language, behavior, or gestures used while in the lab.

  8. Make-up work. See the student handbook.


  1. Warning -- teacher records.
  2. Warning -- teacher records.
  3. Call Parent.
  4. Office referral -- call parent.

SEVERE CLAUSE (skips 1-4)‚Äč