Business Information Management I

In Business Information Management I, students implement personal and interpersonal skills to strengthen individual performance in the workplace and in society and make a successful transition to the workforce and postsecondary education. Students apply technical skills to address business applications of emerging technologies, create word-processing documents, develop a spreadsheet, formulate a database, and make an electronic presentation using appropriate software. 

Software: Microsoft Office 2016 Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint

Certifications:  Microsoft Office Specialist, Microsoft Office Expert

Weekly Lesson Plans: 

Monday, February 17

Student Holiday
Staff Development

    Tuesday, February 18

    Chapter 6 Functions and Data Organization

    • Review Exercise 9 Coral Employees p 261 - 262
    • Review Exercise 13 Marathons p 264 - 265
    • Review Exercise 11 Estimated Candle Sales p 263

      Wednesday, February 19

      Chapter 6 Functions and Data Organization

      • Review Exercise 14 Dance p 265
      • Review for Chapter 6 Test

        Thursday, February 20

        Chapter 6 Functions and Data Organization

            Friday, February 21

            Chapter 7 Creating Charts

            • Practice 1 Continents pages 270 - 271 Create a pie chart, add data labels, change a value
            • Practice 2 Continents pages 273 Size and move chart, printing chart/worksheet
            • Practice 3 Temperature pages 276 - 281 Create a line chart, axis titles, chart location, create a bar chart, modify the data range, add data labels