Student Council

Winters High School Student Council is a group of volunteer students working together with an adult advisor to provide a means for student expression and assistance in school affairs and activities. Student Council gives opportunities for student experience in leadership and encourages student/faculty/community relations.

Through projects and activities, WHS Student Council works to:

  • Promote Citizenship

    • By involving students in meaningful, purpose-oriented activities

    • By leading each individual in developing a sense of personal responsibility and earned self respect

    • By encouraging desirable attitudes and continuous upward development of valued patterns and good citizenship

    • By providing a forum for student opinions, interests and desires so these may be understood by the entire student body, faculty, administration and community

  • Promote Scholarship

    • By providing experience in genuine problem-solving procedures

    • By providing training and experiences in the skills and techniques of good citizenship and leadership to prepare articulate citizens and leaders for a progressing society

  • Promote Leadership

    • By providing young people with the power and right to speak and, especially, the power, right and privilege of being heard by those in authority

    • By promoting opportunities for leadership among student body members

    • By utilizing the ideas and support of students in solving relevant school problems

  • Promote Human Relations

    • By helping create harmonious relationships among faculty, administration, student body and the community

    • By providing organized services to the school in the interest of the general welfare

    • By helping young people further realize the genius and dignity of each individual

  • Promote Cultural Values

    • By sparking school loyalty, pride, patriotism and individual student development

    • By giving young people deeper reasons for attending school and the stimulus for developing commitments to worthy goals

    • By helping each student reach maximum educational growth and development