Jr high supply list 2018

Art Program


The Winters Jr. High art program establishes tools for lifelong learning, helping students appreciate the world around them. Art develops an understanding of history and cultures, which provides a gateway to express thoughts and feelings through self expression and creativity. The art program builds self-esteem in children and teaches them to analyze, interpret and develop a higher level of thinking skills. Our Vision for Winters' students are to become forward thinking adults who are capable of coming up with new solutions through creative venues.


  • Incorporate the elements and principles of art.
  • Experience success through a variety of hands on art lessons.
  • Use art process and problem solving to create and original piece of artwork.
  • Identify and utilize art vocabulary.
  • Incorporates a higher level of thinking for open ended problem solving using a variety of art techniques.
  • Connecting art history and core curriculum.
  • Promote self-esteem by building success in each student.

Grades will not be given on final product but on effort and elements needed to produce a work of art.